Posted by: stan chelney | February 18, 2010

Court of Arbitration for Sport Denies Togo’s Request for Emergency Relief

The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled on Thursday that Togo is not entitled to an emergency ruling reversing the two tournament ban imposed on it by the African Football Federation (CAF).

Togo had argued that an immediate ruling was necessary because the draw for the preliminary rounds of the 2012 African Cup of Nations tournament will be held this Saturday, February 20.  The Court of Arbitration for sport ruled, however, that there is no urgency because the qualifying games will not begin until September 2010 and a re-draw could be conducted if Togo prevails in its appeal.  The Court stated: “The CAF has indeed admitted that there would be no material obstacle to the organisation of a new draw in the event that [Togo’s] appeal is upheld.  In view of such guarantee, the CAS has considered that, at this stage, there was no risk of irreparable harm for [Togo].”

The case will now be resolved on the merits on a more standard time frame, likely over the next several months.  For a detailed discussion of the case, click here.


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